Welcome to GenealogyCloud™ (Powered by OneGreatFamily)

GenealogyCloud is a full featured API that provides access to a complete web-based genealogy family tree backend system.  This web service provides all the functionality for building, editing, searching, sharing and managing a family tree.

The web service allows you to access all of the power of OneGreatFamily.  So, in addition to basic family tree functionality like create an individual, add a father, add a child, etc., you get access to capabilities not available anywhere else, including:

·         View Preservation

·         Automated Matching

·         Merging

·        Group Architecture

For more information about GenealogyCloud, please download this Microsoft Powerpoint Show: Genealogy_Cloud_Overview.pps

For questions or to discuss GenealogyCloud, please contact Bill Keenan, Chief Strategy Officer at OneGreatFamily at:

     (801) 491-0335 ext 203 or email: Bill.Keenan@OneGreatFamily.com

Web Service Documentation


This API assumes you understand how to call Web Service and that you have a solid understanding of the Gedcom 5.5 standard. More information can be found here on the Gedcom standard http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GEDCOM

To get a developer Id send an email to: devws@onegreatfamily.com

Sample Code and Programming Help

Visit our Sample Code and Programming Help page for sample code and other items to help you in using our web service

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