Family Create or Update


This operation updates or creates a family record. If the family OGFN is 0, the family will be created. Otherwise if it has a lock it will be updated. To aquire a lock so you can make modifications to the family, call the Lock method.



Content-Type: Application/xml


Request POST
Request Headers
Content-Type: Application/xml
Request Payload
<Fam xmlns="">
	<ChildrenOgfns xmlns:a="">
	<DivorceDate>1 Jan 2000</DivorceDate>
	<DivorcePlace>New york, New york, usa</DivorcePlace>
	<MarriageDate>1 Jan 1960</MarriageDate>
	<MarriagePlace>New york, New york, usa</MarriagePlace>
Success Response Payload
<Result xmlns="">
	<Value i:type="a:unsignedLong">1855450</Value>
Failed Response Payload
<Result xmlns="">
	<Message>Your developer Id does not have permissions to make this call</Message>
Fault Response Payload
<RestFault xmlns="">
	<ErrorCode>551</ErrorCode> <FaultMessage>An unhandled exception has occurred</FaultMessage> </RestFault>

Query String Parameters

Name Description Required


The current session Id

Type: string

Default: None


POST Payload

Name Description Required


This operation takes as input a Fam entity.

Type: Fam

Default: None

Constraints: Must be a valid Fam entity.


Response Elements

Name Description


This operation returns a Result Entity

Type: Result


Result.Value will be a UInt64 for the id of the the family created if the family was created, otherwise no value will be returned

Type: UInt64

HTTP Status Code

The Web Server returns a status code which indicates if the operation was successful. Anything other than 200 should be regarded as a failure.

HTTP Status Code of 417

The Web Server threw an exception and contains a RestFault entity. Retrieve the RestFault from the Webexception response property.