Developer Login


This login method allows you to authenticate with the web service API as a developer. A SessionId will be returned and placed in a cookie, if cookies are enabled. If cookies are enabled, then the sessionId in the cookie will be read allowing access to the rest of the API. If cookies are not enabled, then the sessionId will need to be passed on the query string of each request.




Request GET
Success Response Payload
<Result xmlns="">
	<Value i:type="a:string" xmlns:a="">jlo3gum1ncwxmdqtr2xxu02d</Value>
Failed Response Payload
<Result xmlns="">
	<Message>Invalid login credentials.</Message>
 Fault Response Payload
<RestFault xmlns="">
	<FaultMessage>An unhandled exception has occurred</FaultMessage>

Query String Parameters

Name Description Required


The web service developerId used to access the web service API. Send and email to: to obtain a developer ID.

Type: String

Default: None

Constraints: Must be a valid developer Id.



The Password associated with the developerId

Type: String

Default: None

Constraints: Must be the valid password.


Response Elements

Name Description


This operation returns a Result Entity

Type: Result


Result.Value will be a SessionId on success

Type: String

HTTP Status Code

The Web Server returns a status code which indicates if the operation was successful. Anything other than 200 should be regarded as a failure.

HTTP Status Code of 417

The Web Server threw an exception and contains a RestFault entity. Retrieve the RestFault from the Webexception response property.