GEDCOM Upload Stages


The Gedcom Upload stages are used to track the progress of a GedcomUpload request.

Stage Values and Description

Stage Description
1 send file to server.                                         
2 Waiting for GEDCOM parser                                    
3 Gedcom un-compressed                                         
4 reading gedcom file                                          
5 generate secondaries for dangling pointers                   
6 Indi map, check for matching fam pointers                    
7 Fam map check for matching indi pointers                     
8 Coalesce citation text                                       
9  update note ref counts                                      
10  update source ref counts                                    
11  update  ref counts                                          
12 update obje ref counts                                       
13  update for source /  remaps                                 
14  batch  put of indis                                         
15  batch  put of fames                                         
16  batch  put of notes                                         
17  batch  put of citations                                     
18  batch  put of source                                        
19 batch  put of repositories                                       
20 batch  put of objects                                        
29 So we can always have something to compare with if desired   
50 Queued for matcher                                           
51 Filtering (culling) out-of-date ids                          
53 Matching Individuals                                         
54 Merging indi matched data                                    
55 Merging fam matched data                                     
56 Making unmerged Indis permanent                              
57 Making external temps in job permanent                       
63 Send e-mails                                                 
64 Mailing/hinting matched data                                 
65 Adding to list of "hints" for Individuals                    
66 Adding to list of "hints" for Families                       
67 cleaning ids that were found                                 
69 matching complete                                            
80 Dashboard job submitted and waiting for dashboard server     
82 Dashboard getting starfield                                  
84 Dashboard processing merge info                              
86 Dashboard processing hint data                               
88 Dashboard processing Indis - has progress                    
89 Dashboard creating datasets                                  
90 Dashboard saving stats     
100 finished processing